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ஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜ Greetings tumblr. I come in peace. My name is Jenna-Lee and some people in the cyber world call me Joose. You may call me either :) I can't guarantee a spoiler free blog but I do try to reblog things about new episodes of whatever I watch at least three days after it's aired. Unless I accidentally click reblog instead of queue. My blog is so multi-fandom now, even I don't know what I'm gonna post. Escape while you can! ஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜ  Assbutt(s) Trumpeting

"I love this shit. This shit makes me hard"

Well if you read that little snippet on my sidebar thingy then you probably already know my name. If you don’t then it’s just over there on the side under the first sidebar gif

There ya go. You know my name now don’t ya? That’s great =)

Ummm…. Soooo. If you’re bored enough to keep reading further then I probably should keep typing. Hmmm….

Well, I feel it’s necessary to post this up here because if you are a Supernatural fan suffering from withdrawals then look know further my friend. I have found a cure to the Supernatural hellatus.

It’s called ♥♥ BAND OF BROTHERS ♥♥  

Oh yes. This is cure was prescribed to me by the cruel, cruel, capricious Doc who didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me I was going to end up an emotional wreck after each episode. Then after finishing the series just hearing the theme music will leave me a sobbing mess. 

Doc I want to both thank and throttle you for introducing me to this Epic show. Though my family will most probably just want to throttle you because I’m always watching it. 

Oh. You’re still here. Wow you must really like reading. Ever read Harry Potter? It’s almost as long as this :) So anyway….

What do you do when those 10 short episodes have left you an emotional wreck. The solution is clear. You rewatch the shit out of them of course.

And then you will be ready to move on to ♥♥ THE PACIFIC ♥♥ 

Oh The Pacific. See I’m going to be courteous here, unlike someone was about BoB, not naming names though *cough* Doc *cough* This will rip out your heart strings, strap them to a ukelele and strum the shit out of them. Not saying you have shit in your heart but I was going for alliteration.

But if you can survive Band of Brothers YOU can survive The Pacific.

Or vice versa.

After watching those shows you may end up developing situations. Those situations flare when you follow the right people on tumblr or creep the tags like a boss ;)

For example:

This is Ross McCall chewing. He portrayed Joseph D. Liebgott in Band of Brothers. He is sitting next to a very hairy Eion Bailey also chewing. He portrayed David Webster.

But back to McCall. If you’re a White Collar fan then you’ll know him as that ass-hole bad guy. But if you’re a Ross McCall fan then he is most probably the reason you’ve heard of the show White Collar. He was also one of the stars of Crash. A show which lasted two seasons. He’s also been in several movies that I usually wouldn’t watch but did watch because Hi my name is Jenna and I have a Ross McCall situation. Remember: Fish are friends not food.

Another example? Okay. You got it dude!

This is Jacob Pitts. He portrayed Bill ‘Hoosier’ Smith in The Pacific. He is currently a regular on the FX show Justified which should get more recognition than it does as it is a Bad Ass Show. He’s also starred in a few movies which I have seen. Eurotrip is probably the one he is most recognised from or the one where you go OMFG is that Jacob Pitts? He also starred in this Hilarious short which I never would have watched but glad I did because Hello my name is Jenna and I have a Jacob Pitts situation and we both start with J so it’s meant to be right? No? Pssscht! Who died and made you queen? :P

You’re still reading? Okay well….

I may be just slightly overly OBSESSED with this little show called ♥♥SUPERANATURAL♥♥

Yeah I don’t know if anyone’s heard of it. It’s about two brothers who drive around in an impala with an arsenal in their trunk hunting down evil sons of bitches and saving people.

I’m Cas Girl at heart but the way this last season ended, if they have to and ONLY if they absolutely have to get rid of him to keep the Winchesters safe then New Zealand will drown in my tears, Tip Top’s sales will increase and the tissue company will benefit from my breakdown but I will NEVER stop watching Supernatural. It started with the Winchesters and as long as they’re still around I will be too.  Though they’re playing with hell fire if they ever decide to take Bobby away from me.

I’ll always have love for my Winchester Boys and Bad Ass Bobby Singer!! 

I freakin’ LOVE ♥♥ Dark Angel ♥♥ and I’m so gutted it only got two seasons :( Joshua is my dog boy forever and always. Max kicks ass. It should say so on a t-shirt.

I’m also a ♫ Gleek ♫ trying to understand why, no matter how many times I try, my George Foreman grill will not make me a freakin’ Grilled Cheesus!

I love *StarKid* and I’m totally traversing the galaxy for intergalactic travels to Pigfarts. Well, not really but… XD

I’m also a Potthead [Harry Potter wise not weed wise but hey whatever takes your fancy right? No judgments here :D And yes I say Potthead instead of Potter head. I saw it somewhere on fanpop and now it’s kind of stuck xD]

I LOVE these books & movies

And how did I get all the way down here without mentioning the Awesomeness that is  ♥♥ Crash♥♥ 

Annnnnd my brand new obsession ♥♥ Justified ♥♥

Well actually I did briefly mention them in the situations up there but I wanted to put my craptastic gif titles on here xD

I also like a butt load of other stuff but I’ve already written a novel and I’m too lazy to elaborate further into my liking’s.

Feel free to keep creeping around my blog if that’s what you’re doing. You never know. I could be creeping yours this very second. Creeped out by me now? Yes? SUCCESS!!!

Creep ya laters Crocogators =)