~ You found me, I knew you would ~

ஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜ Greetings tumblr. I come in peace. My name is Jenna-Lee and some people in the cyber world call me Joose. You may call me either :) I can't guarantee a spoiler free blog but I do try to reblog things about new episodes of whatever I watch at least three days after it's aired. Unless I accidentally click reblog instead of queue. My blog is so multi-fandom now, even I don't know what I'm gonna post. Escape while you can! ஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜஜ  Assbutt(s) Trumpeting

Okay. Let’s talk about why you’re still here.

 Awwww, you must be lost

It’s okay. Many people get lost around here. But don’t worry. I’ll guide you out. It’s very simple. 

  • Take a very firm grip of your mouse 
  • Guide the cursor to that little button in the corner that says “Dashboard”
  • And simply click and you will be whisked away back to all that is familiar to you.


You don’t want to click “Follow” Catastrophic events will occur if you do.

  • Sprinkles of mindless ramblings. 
  • Conversations with friends & family that I think are funny & blog about in case my memory fades.
  • Crappy graphics I try to make uncrappy but fail and leave the general crappiness of it on my blog just because I didn’t want to waste my time. 

Oh but the GOOD thing about being here:

  • Mass reblogs of beautiful images from the more talented blogs on tumblr. (If the pretty graphics are what brought you to my blog, go straight to the source or the people I reblogged them from as they are the ones who are quality)

So I hope this will help you get back to where you belong in this big wide cyber world of Tumblr. Thank you for being curious and stopping by my little blog thingy. And good luck on your cyber-galactic travels =)