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Nothing will happen to you. Nothing. I could not stand it.

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"Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black. It was always my color.”

“Every morning they had trained together, since they were big enough to walk; Snow and Stark, spinning and slashing about the wards of Winterfell, shouting and laughing, sometimes crying when there was no one else to see. They were not little boys when they fought, but knights and mighty heroes.”

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I’ve won every battle but I’m losing this war

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He is a boy no longer. He is sixteen now, a man grown. Just look at him. War had melted all the softness from his face and left him hard and lean. He had shaved his beard away, but his auburn hair fell uncut to his shoulders. The recent rains had rusted his mail and left brown stains on the white of his cloak and surcoat. Or perhaps the stains were blood. What should he fear? He was the Young Wolf, King of the Trident and the North.

And there’s a moment in this scene where we look at each other … it’s Robb Stark essentially saying goodbye to his mother and giving up, and rather than it being something really bad, there’s a moment of tragedy and utter relief, actually, because these two characters have fought and fought and fought and fought, and it’s finally over.


“I dreamt of a wolf howling in the rain, but no one heard his grief.”


Ned, Robb, and Catelyn: laughing in the pilot | last moments

At least they are together now.